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Improvisation and Creative process  

Choreo-Lab by Zuna and Milan Kozanek

August 22nd - 28st 2016, Beijing, THE NEW Festival

Workshop in laboratory model gives participants space for individual exploration of their own creativity and ability to improvise as well as fix some movement material. It opens new possibilities for developing the relation between the “change” and the “movement”. The theme of the workshop „Transformation“ is inspired by one of the oldest books in the world, the Chinese „Book of Changes“ (“I Ching”).  Through dance improvisation and special patterns of creation we will experience different kinds of changes in movements, like opening-closing, adaptation, tuning, evolution, radical change (re-creation) and others. The workshop can help to enrich performer´s skills of improvisation, open up new possibilities as well the new potential ways of developing movement material for the creative process.

This workshop and Zuna´s and Milan´s study stay in China was supported by:
Slovak Arts Council and Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


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