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Ohlasy študentov školy SEAD v Salzburgu

I would say Zuna is one of my favorite teachers. I would like to have more time, actually give more time to the body to understand what she is talking about. Everything does make sense and it changes complete the mobility and availability of the body and besides she also brings her knowledge of shiatsu, what recovers all the energy of the body.
Evandro Pedroni / Brazília

Zuna is an amazing teacher, her knowledge doesn’t end.
Classes were very techniqal, dancy and full of joy,  with plenty of useful information. 
Rafal Popiela / Poľsko

Zuna is one of the most significant teachers for me while I have been studying in sead. For that reason, it was very strong experience to take her class again, physically mentally and emotionally. I think to come back to the material and principals that i really believe in is like coming back to my home and each time i reflect where I am, is it different? Or same?  Or  “what is going on with my spine now?!”
Sofia Papanikandrou / Grécko

I enjoy every time we have class with Zuna. My body seems to understand the mechanics of her bodywork,
sometimes better than my brain. I Love to flow with it and get diferent coordinations. It’s a very estimulating
and pleasant dance class.
Maria Hernando / Španielsko

I always love Zuna's class since she is so calm yet strict and knows what she wants. This style of movement really fits my body and since I have worked with her so many times things kept coming easier. Of course there were many things to work on since she also expanded on her technique and challenged us in different ways than previous years. I wish we had her class longer so I could go deeper into the process but either way 2 weeks is better than nothing.
Allison Barlog / USA

HAAAA! Zuna is so great! I love this type of work, reducing muscles tone, working with impulses and efficient energy. I’ve learn that it is not trivial for me to be able to send the energy away from my body, and expending while relaxing can be very challenging for me.
Matan Levkowich / Izrael

Working with Zuna gave me calmness and easiness in dance. It helped me relax my muscles and  free my joints and while dancing. I felt it especially in spine and in hips. This had a huge effeckt also for ballet, which I found really good.
Ida Heinonen / Fínsko