We appreciate any financial support wich could help us to develop our artistic and education work and research as well as our writerly activities.

Over the past few years we have been intensively engaged and are passionately working on our Dance and Medicine research and Dancing Qigong research which are accompanied by our teaching of workshops and preparing material for a book publication. All of this, however, takes up great amount of time and energy for which we do not have enough resources yet. For this reason, we turn towards you to ask you for (financial) help and support of our projects, which would also serve to help publish the book TAO OF MOVEMENT.

We will be deeply thankful for any amount financial aid.
You can send us Euros into our bank account: SK03 0200 0000 0029 7822 1254
Other important transfer bank data, you find below.

Please do not forget to add the following note/message to your transfer:

Your support may also be of material kind or in form of a barter service, in form of or in exchange of:
– funding the funds for English translation of the book, printing of the book publication, wage for English translations, graphics, web maintainance, realization of video-records and video materials, promotional work..
– we are also looking for a producer who would help us with everything which a book publication (its English version) project involves

Information and contact: artyci@artyci.com

Bank transfer data:
IBAN: SK03 0200 0000 0029 7822 1254
Account name: Zuna Kozánková

Address of the Bank:
Všeobecná úverová banka
Mlynské nivy 1
Bratislava 25
829 90
Slovak republic

Bank identification: SUBA



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