Breath in movement / Movement in breath
Intensive weekend workshop with Milan
11.-13.6.2021, Bratislava (SK)

Breathing in dance or physical action is essential, but nevertheless little attention is paid to breathing. Exercises with the breath and conscious work with the breath can be connected with two basic complementary principles – with the active and passive elements (yang and yin). Just as two complementary actions are complemented, from which dance movement and physical action are created – the impulse for movement and movement itself, so are exhale and inhale. The use of conscious work with the breath offers enormous possibilities, many of which can be understood only after a long period of regular conscious exercise. In this intensive weekend workshop, we will develop tasks to dance improvisation, and cultivate and refine dance and physical action with conscious breath. In this way, we will deepen the techniques of working with the body.

We will focus on these topics:
– active breathing out / passive breathing in and vice versa
– breath as a cyclical principle (not linear)
– knowledge of specific qualities of transition from exhalation to inhalation and inhalation to exhalation based on the cyclicality of the breath and their practical use in dance and physical action
– connecting breathing with impulses to movement
– connecting breathing with body anatomy
– breathing in stillness and breathing in movement
– breathing and sound

Space Spirale, Bratislava (SK)

76,- € Early Bird until 21.5.2021
89,- € Regular
65,- € Students

will be announced latter

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