Meridian Flow

June 10. – 14. 2019 / TIP dance school, Freiburg, (D)

Intensive work focused on the flow if Qi energy in dance and movement.

This workshop is focused on a new approach to the performers usage of the body. It consists of conscious work with energy of a bone structure, enriched by logic of the flow of the Qi energy within meridians. Activation the energy of some specific meridian can be impulse for discovering new movement possibilities and physical connections, even new quality for movement and dance. These atypical coherences of the body generate new cross connections between the body parts. Aware work with meridians has got big influence on the health and that is why it offers more healthy approach of professional artists to their bodies and their profession. It can be also inspiring in creative work as well as in life style.
– activating Qi in one´s body and getting it consciously directed to independent body parts
– getting acquainted with energetic pathways – meridians, interfacing them with organs and body parts (students will get meridian charts)
– meridian healing Qigong exercises
– discovering new movement vocabulary by using meridians
– conscious work with the essential physiological and energetic centers – dantians

Implemented Meridian Flow workshops
Banská Bystrica and High Tatras (SK) 2018

This workshop is closed-door, for TIP students only.

Meridian Flow