A practical research about interfacing Chinese medicine principles, Qigong and dance, focused on dancers health and creativity.

Upcoming series of workshops in 2019_Bratislava.

Goal of the research is the systematization of common demands and issues of dancers within the subject of health, alongside with their solutions, and, above all, provision of knowledge, awareness and prevention. Research provides dancers with complex overview on the topic of health maintenance based on the knowledge of Chinese medicine which respects  the laws of nature and on understanding the logic of the natural transformations of energies in human body which relate to evolution of energy in the course of a year. It is also based on utilization of the energetic system which is formed by interconnections between functions of individual organs and individual bodily structures (bones, muscles, joints…).

Means to the reasearch goals are practical dance seminars; lectures, discussions, shiatsu courses, and their final summary in form of a book publication. Come and learn with Zuna – an active dancer; teacher; shiatsu, Chinese medicine and Qigong practicioner  – to acquire knowledge and skills for the orientation in the health matters of your own body.

Dance seminars have these formats
– whole year weekend workshops – 5 weekends a year, i.e. one for each season, focused on peculiar needs and demands of  human body, related to the particular season of a year (based on the concept on Five elements)
whole year weekend workshops – called „Body Awakeness“, focused on interfacing western anatomy with eastern „energetical anatomy“ – read Body Awakeness
intensive 5 day workshops for professional or experienced dancers, students of dance and theatre, called „Dance and Medicine_Intensive“, focused on various topics this field offers

You can find detailed information about this project at

Upcoming workshops
Dance and Medicine_Body Awakeness – Yoga House, Bratislava, 2019
read Body Awakeness
Apply via Yoga House.

Implemented workshops
Whole year study: Prague (CZ) 2008 a 2016 / Ústí nad Orlicí (CZ) 2007 / České Budějovice (CZ) 2017 / Žilina (SK) 2017
Dance and Medicine_Intensive: Divadlo Štúdio tanca B. Bystrica (SK) 2016, AMU Praha (CZ) 2017, Duncan Centre Praha (CZ) 2017, TIP Freiburg (D) 2015 a 2017

 Video from seriws of Dance and Medicine workshop, Prague 2016. Elements water, wood, fire and soil.


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Dance and Medicine