Living Spine

2.– 6. 10. 2019_Bratislava (SK)

An intensive dance workshop Living Spine is a concentrated dive into the depth of one of the most important parts of the body.

The spine is the basic structural pillar and the basic energy channel of the body. It connects the whole body, but also three important energy centers (three dantians) located on the energy channel passing through the spine. The yin and yang energy circulates through this channel and creates a very nutritious energy circuit, called a microcosmic orbit. Conscious work with it, is a very old energy cultivating technique that, in combination with breathing exercises, develops the flow of Qi in human body.

Through the movement, we will learn about the anatomical structure of the spine and its structural links to other parts of the body. We will also look at the yin and yang connections of the skeleton structure, which, when properly used, can enable us to use the whole body structure better and healthier. Thanks to the logic of the spine construction through the vertebrae, we will be able to work with the principle of chain reaction and sequence in the body. We will develop the plasticity of the spine and consequently of the entire body and then, set in a motion all these possibilities and knowledge individually, but also in partner exercises.

Conscious work with bones and energy has a great impact on health, and therefore it offers to professional asrtists a healthier approach to their body as well as their profession, and can be an inspiration in their creative work, but also in their lifestyle.

Contents of the workshop:
– healing Qigong for the spine
– getting familiar with the structure of the vertebrae and the entire spine and activating the spine to the smallest details
– activation and conscious work with three major energy centers, so-called dantians, that are connected to the spine
– discovering movement possibilities using backbone support and vital energy flowing from the spine to the whole body
– acquainting with the yin and yang parts of the body and linking this knowledge with the spine
– activation of the energy microcosmic orbit and the development of such activation in motion
– getting acquainted with the most important energy points passing through the microcosmic orbit

This workshop is open for mixed group of experienced and less experienced dancers and movers. It is not necessary for a participant of the workshop to attend previous Dancing Qigong meetings/workshops.

Workshop will led by
Zuna and Milan

Wednesday: 16,00-19,00
Thursday-Saturday: 10,30 – 13,00 / lunch brake / 14,30 – 17,00
Sunday: 10,30 – 13,30

142- € Early Bird untill 5.9. 2019
165,- € Regular
112,- € Students (first 5 students)

Bratislava (SK), Nová Cvernovka.

From public sources supported by Slovak Arts Council.

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Video from intensive week workshop in Bratislava, 2012.



Living Spine