Zuna is working on her third book, this time focused on the moving bodies and souls in them. This book will be published in English.
Zuna as a professional dancer and dance teacher brings a book in which every “mover” – whether he is a dancer, a yogi, an athlete, an actor of physical theater etc – will be able to orientate himself in the energy context with his moving body. The book is part of Zuna’s long-term research of dance interconnection with the principles of Chinese medicine and Qigong called Dance and Medicine, which includes practical seminars, lectures, research activities, studies.
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The book will bring precious information about maintaining health while making greater physical demands on the body. It also penetrates the world of psyche from the point of view of Chinese medicine in relation to these professions or hobbies, in topics such as stagefright, success-failure, or inability to release mental tension. Philosophically (but also practically) it dips in the work with pain, rest and so on. The special part of the book will focus on detailed description of meridians and offer opportunities to work with them on the move.

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If you would like to support the birth of this book, please contact Zuna at zuna@artyci.com
I welcome any help, organizational or financial. Thank you, Zuna.

“Zuna is a brilliant dancer, teacher, pedagog and researcher. Her work is wholistic, wise, ancient and new with a deep understanding of the human body. Watching her onstage is like observing a river, in complete harmony with itself, flowing naturally and effortlessly. Her research is based on countless hours of self-study and also study of the land, seasons and ancient texts. I cannot recommend anything she offers enough!”
Julianna Bloodgood Habel, actress of Piesn Kozla Theatre / Poland, USA

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