The TAO of Movement

An exceptional book on applying the principles of Chinese medicine to the profession of a mover. Movers, whether they are dancers, yogis, athletes, physical theatre actors, theatre performers, circus performers, aerial dancers, or other bodyworkers, have greater demands on their health than ordinary people. Zuna brings them a book in which they can navigate their health issues, but also be inspired by universal Taoist principles and use them in their creativity.

The book provides valuable information on maintaining health in greater physical demands offering a description of the realm of internal organs through the lens of Chinese medicine. It deals with the prevention and avoidance of injuries, as well as the treatment of their consequences. It also delves into the world of the psyche through the topics of stage fright, success-failure, overcoming pain, and the inability to release mental tension after physical exercise. The essential line of the book is the concept of Qi energy, Yin and Yang and the Five phases of transformation (five elements), which Zuna translates for the reader from the theoretical plane to the plane of their practical application. The book also focuses on a detailed description of the meridians and offers ways to work with them through movement. Diet is a natural part of this concept, so the book also provides an overview of foods and recipes.

The book has been written as a part of Zuna’s long-term research of dance interconnection with the principles of Chinese medicine and Qigong called Dance and Medicine and Dancing Qigong, which include practical seminars, lectures, and movement labs.

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About the author

Zuna Vesan Kozánková is an active dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. However, she also works with the body on a therapeutic level. She studied shiatsu and acupuncture, and is active as a practitioner of these healing disciplines and as a Qigong teacher. She has been teaching for 30 years and since 2002 she has run her own shiatsu school in Slovakia.
Zuna focuses on a deep understanding of the theory and its connection with practice, as well as on connecting Qigong with dance, and on teaching Chinese medicine through movement. Zuna is the author of the internationally respected projects Dance and Medicine and Dancing Qigong. She teaches in professional dance schools, but also leads workshops and retreats for the public.

The TAO of Movement is her fourth book. We hope that it will be published soon.

An acupuncture and rehabilitation doctor MUDr. Jozef Šmirala writes about her books:
Zuna introduces herself through her books as a great promoter of Taoism and Chinese medicine and as a long-time and experienced practitioner of Qigong and movement pedagogy. She has an extraordinary professional knowledge in Chinese medicine as well as in many areas of Western medicine, and has an exceptional ability to write and explain in an engaging and understandable manner. In this way, she is able to make this extremely rich subject accessible even to the laic, both theoretically and practically. Her books are written in an easy style, yet in a very professional and clear way.”

Julianna Bloodgood, theatre maker, vocalist and teacher, former actress with Piesn Kozla Theatre / Poland, USA
“Zuna is a brilliant dancer, teacher, pedagog and researcher. Her work is wholistic, wise, ancient and new with a deep understanding of the human body. Watching her onstage is like observing a river, in complete harmony with itself, flowing naturally and effortlessly. Her research is based on countless hours of self-study and also study of the land, seasons and ancient texts. I cannot recommend anything she offers enough!”

Some extracts from the book you can find on this blog

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The TAO of Movement