Workshop for actors, dancers, performers and students of art schools led by Milan Kozánek and Andrej Kalinka.

20.-22.3. 2020, Ján Palírik Theatre, Trnava (Slovakia)

The body is a gateway to the actor’s and dancer´s craft and all creative sources. From the body we will begin our investigation of movement, voice, breath and song. Through exploring the basic support of bone structure, dynamic exploration of the origins of sound and vocal phenomena we will develop physical and vocal improvisations. We will deepen the body-voice connection and explore how we physically experience sound and how through sound we can experience new physicality. Through a flow of movement and breath we can awaken sound vibrations within the body -resonating the bones and tissues- creating a visceral understanding of movement, voice and enliven new possibilities for song, text and physical and vocal expressions.

In the morning sessions we will focused on exercises; practicing different body, voice and breath techniques. We will focus on strengthening the bone structure and discover awareness of body alignment and learn about correct physio-dynamics. We will introduce exercises that help create a voice that is open and free, expressive and capable of communicating emotional truth while awakening a deep sense of listening and responsiveness to the impulses that arise within one’s own body.

The afternoon sessions are dedicated to the creative process and research. We will explore the body and voice through ensemble. Ensemble is the foundation of Teatr Pieśń Kozła’s (Song of the Goat Theatre) theatrical devising process and our work will be reflected and magnified through the ensemble. During this part of the workshop we will also begin our research of basic polyphonic singing.

All levels of musical experience are welcome, including beginners.

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Body as an Instrument