Zuna has been dancing all her life. She considers dance as one of the potential expressions of her Taoist soul. She graduated from the Dance Conservatory and the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, having several internships in Europe and Asia. In addition to dancing, she studied shiatsu at Shiatsu KI school and acupuncture at the University of Guang Ming Beijing in Prague.

Apart from her choreographic work for the Artyci Dance Company and other ensembles, Zuna is a sought-after teacher working in Bratislava (SK), Banská Bystrica (SK), Prague (CZ), Salzburg (A), Vienna (A), Leeds (UK), Freiburg (D), Wroclaw (PL), Poznan (PL), Bangkok (TH), Beijing and Hong Kong (CN). She has been teaching for over 25 years, during which she developed a unique style of work with a human body, based on experience with the anatomy of the human body and the energy flowing within. She connects her dance knowledge with the universal principles of Taoism through her studies of Chinese medicine and Qigong, bringing to her students new information about movement intelligence. The qualities of Zuna´s teachings include a peaceful, sensitive and qualified approach to movement and body.

Zuna is the author of two research projects Dance and Medicine and Dancing Qigong aimed at combining the philosophy of Taoism with the life of artists, especially in terms of promoting their health and improving their performance.
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Her activity is also expanded with journalism. Her articles about dance, health and Qigong are regularly published in dance and theater magazines as well as in alternative medicine journals. In 2018, was published her first book Tao the Way to Health and in 2020 next book Meridians – pathways of life. Her third book Qigong as a Medicine, published in 2021, is focused on Qigong. Recently is Zuna lookign for a publisher of her next book Tao of Movement (guide of Chinese medicine for movers), which will be published in English and Czeck.
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Zuna is a Japanese shiatsu therapist and she has been running her Shiatsu School in Slovakia since 2007.
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