.Self-searching intimate ritual about finding one’s own body.

The fact that our observing faculties are not adapted to consider physical and metaphysical communication as a way of interpersonal communicating dose not mean that such form of communication is not possible… Two bodies trying to find their way in a chaos of abbreviations, fake symbols and values of commercial culture, getting through situations with leftovers of connection with the ancient conscience.

dance by_Zuna Kozánková, Robert Tirpák (or Petr Opavský)
choreography by_Zuna Kozánková, Róbert Tirpák, Milan Kozánek
set design and costumes by_Eva Rácová
music advisor_Jozef Vlk
video by_Lukáš Kodoň

Premiére 6th Of October, 2007 Prague, Theatre Ponec

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Video from the performance in Gdansk, Poland, May 2008.

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