The Shiatsu School offers a holistic theoretical and practical experience with Taoist philosophy in relation to the human body, the energy in and around it, healing, self-healing, physical as well as spiritual exercises, diet.

It is designed for anyone interested in body and energy work. It can be used in therapeutical, physio-therapeutical or massage practice.

School is led by Zuna. The lectures are held in Slovak. Courses in English can also be organised in case of interest.

Shiatsu school consists of two successive modules:

Summer Shiatsu School
Two introductory weeks in the Rime Dzong meditation centre in Biele Karpaty designed for anyone wishing to take a glance of the worlds of shiatsu and Taoism. The school contains two blocks that can also be attended independently.
Yin and yang theory, five energy transformations theory, Ki theory, organ clock, basic acupuncture lines and points, kyo and jitsu energy disbalance theory, teachings about mingmen, three burners…
Practical shiatsu treatment techniques, morning Do in exercises, moxibustion…

Shiatsu in Five Energy Transformations
A year-long course in the Darshana yoga centre in Bratislava. Completion of the two introductory summer weeks is a prerequisite. Suitable also as supplementary education for other shiatsu school graduates. The course focuses on deepening and expanding knowledge and the search for new connections. Each meeting focuses on one element (energy transformation phase – wood, fire, earth, metal, water), related to the season the workshop is happening in. Includes details about individual elements and related organs and meridians. In theory and practice, deeper work with organs, their functions and dysfunctions, detailed work with the course of the meridians. Immersion into the symbolism of individual meridian points, point categories (collecting, transport, stimulating, sedating…).
The course can be joined in any season.

Short film about Shiatsu School, in Slovak only.

Shiatsu school