Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic method for treating body and soul by working with Qi energy in energy pathways – meridians. Although it is considered to be a Japanese subject, the shiatsu roots reach to China. Its basis is the Chinese Taoist philosophy and the principles of Chinese medicine, which gradually flowed into the Japanese islands and implanted there in the Japanese lifestyle.

Shiatsu is very popular with dancers for its very enjoyable treatment, but also for its impact on body structures as well as psyche. Many dancers know at least basic shiatsu techniques to help themselves and their colleagues. Shiatsu uses identical energy pathways and points on the body that are used in acupuncture. Shiatsu, however, stimulates these pathways and points in a much smoother way – touching the palms, pushing the thumbs, pressing the elbows or feet. Shiatsu removes the energy blockages that we experience in the physical body as a pain and which in the organ sphere cause organ dysfunction. It can rebound on body structures such as bones, joints, tendons, etc., because they are dependent on qi quality and organ function.

Shiatsu is an excellent means of prevention because it harmonizes energy flows. Nature has equipped us with self-healing mechanisms and has given us our body which signals in the form of pain and discomfort which must be learned to listen to and to deal with them in a timely manner. The therapist’s influence on certain specific body points restores the energy system and starts harmonizing – treatment.

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