Cocoon invisible – 2005
A solo performance choreographed by Zuna Kozánková to original music by Jozef Vlk. About a being, a woman who longs to live a life other than that imposed by the social norms. This bizarre being inhabits her own world, but wishes to emerge amidst others free of hypocrisy, because she longs for communication rather than solitude. ‘Maybe she comes from the time of myths, bearing human traits along with those of a bird, a fish, a horse or a serpent: a mysterious figure, embodying many signs and archetypal symbols. But maybe she is a contemporary woman with her own particular vision and singular, unique behaviour.’
choreography_Zuna Kozánková / performer_Veronika Šimková / music_Jozef Vlk / stage set, costumes_Erika Čičmanová

Mass – 2005
‘A story of sin and virtue. A story of a man who dreamt his beginning as well as his end. An encounter of Bach’s music and contemporary dance.’ A male solo dance performance choreographed by Milan Kozánek and performed by Jaro Viňarský to musical excerpts from the Mass in B minor by J.S.Bach.
concept_Milan Kozánek, Jaro Viňarský / choreography_Milan Kozánek / performer_Jaro Viňarský / music_J.S. Bach / stage set, costumes_Eva Rácová – 2003
Improvised performance for two dancers, which is created „life“ in front of eyes of spectators. About ordinary, daily things and about things which are not practical, useless, such as dance or poetry. Motto: „Aerobic is the only way to redemption.“
dance_Zuna and Milan Kozánek / music_J.S.Bach, Underworld

One Yin for every Yang
– 2001
Duet about search for the peace of the soul, about the contrasts in each of us and about the search for the true way through life on the border of the dreams and reality. Full of archetype situations as stereotype, dreams, search, journey.
choreopraphy and dancing_Zuna and Milan Kozánek / music_collage / lighting_Zuna Kozánková / costumes_Zuna Kozánková, Zuzana Ruhstaller

New Ritual
– 2000
More days of improvised performances in the streets of Old Town of Bratislava as opening event of the festival Bratislava in Movement 2000. The participation of 12 dancers, 14 musicians and fine artists from Slovakia, USA, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Hungary.

Back to oneself – 1999
Solo performance of Zuna Kozánková created in cooperation with British musician John Suttill and Slovak fine artist Martin Moravčík. The statement about human beings.
concept, choreography, dancing by Zuna Kozánková / visual concept, video projection by Martin Moravčík / lighting_Robert Polák / music_John Suttill

Hard Landing
– 1998
Multimedia performance, that breaks borders between the stage and auditorium and diminishes distances among different kinds of art. Collaboration of 12 artists of various art genres (dance, music, visual art, scenography, photography) from Bratislava, Austria and Great Britain have met. Stage is changed to an universal space, where artists are placed together with spectators. Spectators have chance to watch the performance from arbitrary sides and are directly dragged into its atmosphere. Improvisation, which has been chosen by artists as a basic common mean of communication.
dancers_Zuna Kozánková, Elke Muller(Austria), Milan Kozánek, Robert Tirpák / actor_Monika Haasová / designers_Martin Moravčík (scenography), Iveta Haasová (costumes) / musicians_Igor Szabó (percussion), Martin Zajko (guitar) / D.J._John Suttill (Great Britain), Jorg Christian (Austria) / photographer_Štefan Psotný

The Myth
– 1996
Remarkable performance which combines dance and puppet theatre. The four-member company includes two dancers and two puppet masters, who have tried to find where dance and puppet theatre overlap, what they have in common and what is unique to each one as a theatrical genre. The source of inspiration was found in the mythology of the ancient Slavs in a desire to give life to the old roots of our past. Understandably, the viewpoint is that of young artists who are attempting to confront the values of the past with those of the present.
choreography and performers_Zuna and Milan Kozánek, Ivan Martinka, Katarína Odzganová / set design_Zuzana Cigánová / music_Peter Groll / lighting_Róbert Polák /

With You – 1996
The duet “With you” sprang purely from contact improvisation and the partnering work of the two performers, man and woman. The original intention was to create an abstract  duet, but even abstraction, when set to music, can evoke a very concrete story in the mind of the spectator.
choreography and performers_Zuna and Milan Kozánek / music_Christine Groult / costume_Zuzana Cigánová

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