Artyci Dance Company

Artyci Dance Company is an artistic group with many years of tradition, acting on the Slovak and international scene since 1996. It was founded by Zuna and Milan Kozanek, at that time the fresh graduates of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, as their need to form an artistic platform for creating dance works, inspiration and cooperation with artists of different art fields, but also the space for developing their pedagogical and research projects.

The artistic creation of the group has always sought to find new formal procedures in every new work, but at the same time the honesty of the testimony and the sincerity of approach to the creative process. Zuna and Milan presented their work outside of Slovakia and Europe in Canada (Montreal, Calgary), Thailand (Bangkok) and China (Beijing, Xi´an). As guest choreographers co-worked with the Theater Studio of Dance – Banská Bystrica (SK), Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (A), Northern School of Contemporary Dance – Verve (UK), University of Calgary – School of Creative and Perfoming Arts (CA), Company of Performing Artists – Bangkok (Thailand) and Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theater (China).
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As dance teachers, Zuna and Milan regularly work not only in Slovakia (Bratislava, Žilina, Banská Bystrica) but also abroad – Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw (PL), Salzburg, Vienna (A), Prague, Brno, Ústí nad Orlicí, České Budějovice (CZ), Leeds (UK), Freiburg (D), Calgary (CA), Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong (China). Since 2001, they have been running a successful dance school in nature Dancing in the Mountains.
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In the other decade, Zuna and Milan have intensively developed their pedagogical and research activities in two directions. One of their common interests is to apply their study of Taoism and its associated areas (Qigong, Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, Yi Jing) into dance. They have developed these theoretical and practical findings in their dance research, collectively called Dancing Qigong and Dance and Medicine. Zuna further transfers this knowledge into the publishing. For several years she has contributed articles and interviews to Slovak and Czech dance periodicals. The last few years are focused on the area of ​​interconnecting Taoist philosophy with the artistic world. In 2018, Zuna´s first book TAO the Way to Health came out, which has become very popular among its readers.
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Milan also pays attention to the second area – theater research, which is focused on education as well as on creation. In addition to his own research, he collaborated on research with artists and performers of physical theater – Studio Matejka (PL), Res Ratio Network (GR), Piesn Kozla (PL), Honey and Dust (SK). This activity culminated in collaboration with the leading personality of the artistic group Honey and Dust, Andrej Kalinka, with whom he produced the pieces of King (2017) and EU.Genus (2018). Together, they became the founders of the c/LAP artistic platform, which aims to initiate and encourage innovative thinking in theater and dance creation as well as in education and research.
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Artyci Dance Company is in 2018 supported by Slovak Arts Council.

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