Movement “excursions” with Zuna and Milan

10.-12.6.2021 with Milan

Workshop series Body Awakeness is the space in which we recognize our body through a movement. We perceive, observe and practice this movement by our conscious, awakened mind. Such a mind has enough time to listen to the energy of the body, to recognize its feelings, and to use natural stimuli for a free movement. Through the inner body experiences, we will recognize the true intelligence of the body, its subatomic physics and motion logic with natural mechanical patterns. All this can be done only by the perception of the present moment, where the awakeness of our mind is indeed essential. “Incarnated mind,”ergo “embodied mind”, is what we are about.

We will focus on strengthening the skeletal system, working on the body alignment and on the correct use of the body physi-dynamics. The aim is to let our bodies indulge into a movement, which does not hurt, on the contrary, heals. We will also pay our attention to conscious work with major physical and energy centers and energy flows (meridians). In addition, we will discover relations and connections between western anatomy and eastern “energy anatomy”, where many spiritual contexts will naturally arise.

“Excursions” to the human body are accompanied by Zuna as part of the Dance Medicine and Dancing Qigong projects.

10.-12.6.2021, Spirala centre, Bratislava
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Annotation to all the weekends of the BODY AWARENESS project

Meridians in movement
Basic knowledge of meridians is the great way to conscious connection with our body. The most effective way how to get in contact with them and how to remember their trajectories is human movement. This workshop is focused on a new approach to the usage of the body. It consists of conscious work with energy of a bone structure, enriched by logic of the flow of the Qi energy within meridians. Activation the energy of some specific meridian can be impulse for discovering new movement possibilities and physical connections, even with organs in deep layers of the body. Aware work with meridians has got big influence on the health and that is why it offers more healthy approach of professional artists to their bodies and their profession. It can be also inspiring in creative work as well as in life style.

Living Spine – 2nd and 3rd of February 2019
The spine is the basic structural pillar and the basic energy channel of the body. Through „anatomy in movement“ and conscious dance improvisation we willfor intense journey, focused on detailed work with the spine, its coherences with other body parts and the exploration of new dimensions in time and space. We will learn to perceive and use its segments in order to discover through its chain reactions its multifunctional plasticity. Within the frame of Qigong we will activate the flow of Qi energy that flows through. This work will also help us to get rid of the spine and back pain 😊.

Breathing bones – 6th and 7th of April 2019
The skeleton structure is the deepest and the most solid structure of our body. It is the base for our life and movement. This weekend will lead us through  movement to understanding of the natural alignement of the bones, the mechanism of the cooperation between them and the structural support of the skeleton. It will also help us to connect to the spirit of the bones and listen to its message to our soul. Each bone of our body has its story generated by our way of using it, by nutrition as well as by emotions. We will try to immerse into them and listen to their needs.

Liquid joints – 1st and 2nd of June 2019
The movement capacity of the body depends on the natural range of the movement of the particular joints. By using anatomic images within dancing we will rediscover the full movement potential of every joint and also revitalize them. Besides the conscious dance improvisation, we will use Qigong for intense work with the Qi energy within the joints which will strenghthen the kidneys as the main source of the wealth of our bones and the cartilage of our joints. Our physical articulation via joints is closely related to our ability of mental and verbal articulation. The experience with the conscious physical articulation will have an impact on our mental state.

Happy psoas – 21st and 22nd of September 2019
The deepest muscle of the human body is related to our deepest emotional and physical attitudes. At the same time, with one of the deepest human aspects – with functioning in the vertical axis and being able to walk fluently, move forward. Psoas, insuring the upright position of human, is the connection between the upper and lower half of the body. It is, therefore, a “meeting-point” between yin and yang Qi flowing through our body. It is also related to the energy of the so-called lower dantian (Japanese Hara) and the energy of kidneys. Through “anatomy in motion,” conscious improvisation and Qigong, we will try to awake, revive and heal our psoas.

Key elements of clavicles – 9th and 10th of November 2019
The mobility of our shoulder girdle, which the clavicles are part of, is really great. A person sitting behind a computer puts his shoulder girdle and the surrounding physical and energetic structures in discomfort and collapse. From the energy point of view, collar bones are a strong dynamic energy charge, a portable bridge of energy paths. They function as a transition between the hands and the back, as well as the hands and the heart with the lungs. The meandering curvature of the collar bones, in addition, activates the interaction between yin-yang. Through motion and Qigong, we will revive this amazing “world” of our body so that we can again draw from its potential.


Body Awakeness