PIOTR ZIEMBA, tai-ji quan master / Poland
The movement concept of Milan and Zuna goes far beyond physical processes. It is a multidimentional journey to our deepest self as well as the most concrete technique of contemporary dance that you can study.

JULIANNA BLOODGOOD HABEL, actress of Piesn Kozla Theatre / Poland, USA
Zuna is a brilliant dancer, teacher, pedagog and researcher. Her work is wholistic, wise, ancient and new with a deep understanding of the human body. Watching her onstage is like observing a river, in complete harmony with itself, flowing naturally and effortlessly. Her research is based on countless hours of self-study and also study of the land, seasons and ancient texts. I cannot recommend anything she offers enough!

MONIKA STEINKASSERER, physiotherapist, dancer / Austria

Qigong in connection with dance in my opinion is a breakthrough idea. I have experienced it thanks to Zuna and Milan I think can be very helpful and this project worth supporting dancers and other professional movers. My own moving experience has been shaped through the work and constant study of physiotherapy including different approaches and techniques and some 20years of experience with patients mainly from the orthopedic and traumatology field as well as the practice of contemporary and new dance technique a qigong, some yoga, snowboarding and other Sports. I have experienced many teachers but have followed constantly only a few over the years. Zuna and Milan are luckily one of them. Persons of great knowledge and humbleness. They have the ability to sum up the knowledge briefly which requires a deep understanding of the subject.

ISABELLA DAFFARA, contemporary dance student / Italy
This knowledge and practise should be a survival kit for an independent dancer. It offers all magic aspects that would make a very irregular and versatile dancer life much better.

EFI BIRBA, theater director of THE RES RATIO NETWORK / Greece
“Milan Kozanek is a philosopher of movement. His study and exploration of body as a theatrical instrument are based on a highly established method of observation. He provides a performer (dancer or actor) with knowledge and awareness to meet with the range of his abilities. The influence of the method on the performers was manifested in elevating the development of their personal vocabulary in improvisation and composition,  render the brain as co-director of the composition”.

BLANKA KŘIVÁNKOVÁ, theatre writer / Czech Republic
Zuna Kozánkova is a rare “phenomenon” in the best possible meaning of the word: she is a natural guru. Well educated, with sense of humor and her disarming self-irony she creates environment for productive creative process, for open sharing of experiences, ideas, personal knowledge, but also for dealing with concerns.
I have been practicing qigong for several years, and I am fascinated both by its healing effects, which become obvious during a regular, long-term practice, and its meditative-dance form. Zuna´s talent to link seemingly conflicting ideas and areas can enrich previously gained knowledge; when approached from a different angle, it alters its content.

LITO ANASTASOPOULOU – professional dancer/ Greece, Belgium
I came to the workshop empty and open to receive physical and mental information. After that intensive journey I came across with the realization that what we have experienced was a philosophy of living and being. Dance is a part of it, which could be perfectly congenial or compatible to that philosophy of life. For me the value of this work is the honesty. There is place to listen, wait for, follow and trust my intuitions.