Dancing in the Mountains

28.7.– 3.8. 2020, Mlynica, High Tatras, Slovakia

Summer dance meetings in beautiful nature of High Tatras, Slovakia, devoted to focused and intensive body work away from hasty, busy cities and daily stress.

Intensive workshop led by Milan Kozanek is designed for medium-experienced and experienced dancers, actors, movers who want to deepen their knowledge about the body and enrich their experience in motion, dance techniques and improvisation.

After many years of exploring and studying and very rich praxis are the information and impulses I deal with my students even more influenced by the patterns of the nature. The inspiration for my own method comes from the ancient Chinese volumes and knowledge of the taoistic philosophy, which is the base of Chinese medicine, Qigong, The Book of Changes Yi Jing etc. During these 5 days we will discover how to use the principles which can lead us to dance with the flow of TAO, the principles which are important also in movement and dance. They are part of movement, spatial or musical dynamics but also part of respecting of natural body dispositions and movement possibilities.

The environment itself has a beneficial effect not only on the body but also on the human soul. For this work, the power of nature is a catalyst for a deeper and more concentrated work, which subsequently can keep new information in the bodies and minds of the participants more permanently.

Contents of the workshop:
– activating Qi in one´s body and getting it consciously directed to independent body parts and body levels
– healing Qigong focused on yin-yang transformation, getting acquainted with yin and yang body surfaces and structures
– discovering new movement possibilities by using the support of the skeletal structure of the body
– discovering of physio-dynamics of the body, its natural force in motion, effective spending of the force for movement, readiness for fast and clear body reactions after outer impulses
– using yin-yang principles in searching for new movement vocabulary and increasing creativity
– conscious work with the essential physiological and energetic centers
– meditation and dance
– improvisation in pairs, contact improvisation

Mlynica, Space of forestry pedagogy, High Tatras Mountains, Slovakia

118,- € Early Bird until 26.6. 2020
145,- € Regular
Accommodation and food will be payed after coming.

Accommodation and food
The participants will be accommodated in Slnecnica guesthouse (The Sunflower), in the closest village, in 2-3 bed rooms. Total price for accommodation is 75,- € (only 12,50 € per one night)
Vegan catering will be supplied twice a day (lunch and dinner) at the price of 4,50  € by meal.

Shiatsu treatment with Zuna
During the stay you can order shiatsu treatment with Zuna accompanied by acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion or medical qigong if needed.
Price for 60 min is 40 € or for 90 min is 60 €.
You can read more about shiatsu here http://shiatsu-terapie.sk/en/

You can apply on artyci@artyci.com




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