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Dancing in the Mountains

by Carlota Frazao

I decided to take Zuna and Milan’s workshop in Pecin several months before it actually happened.

This year I had a very serious and painful loss in my life. And at that moment it was very difficult for me to dance, to be concentrated in my work at school and in my development. I felt that somehow this workshop would be very important to me.

I was needing to be in a “quiet and safe” place, surrounded by people who I believe search for a similar kind of experience. I had heard very good feedback about this workshop from people who made it in the years before. And I totally believe in and rely on Milan’s and Zuna’s way of working and thinking.

The week passed slowly.

I think I felt this way because we were all so relaxed and enjoyed being far away from our own routines and somehow with a completely different rhythm. I don’t remember that I had to run to any single event. More than ever, time showed us to be what we make of it. In this case that was so important. There was time to be aware and appreciate the small details. That was very precious. It was like being rescued in a dream land. The perfect place where everything that could happen was up to us. And we danced and had lots of fun.

There was very positive energy. Something that we could share. Something that was in the air and we could feel it. My happiness in that place was calm and pleasant.

It was as if just us existed. Lost in the middle of nature, so close to everything, so close to ourselves.

I could feel life very intensely during that week. I discovered many things about myself. I learned new things with Zuna, Milan, and the people in the workshop. I brought home so many good feelings, images, memories. It really felt as if I changed after that week. My ways of seeing and thinking about things were transformed.

Of course some things I can’t adapt to my normal life, but at least I know they exist and I can apply them once I am in the wild again.

I’m very grateful for this experience and hopeful that next year I can be there again.

I need to thank Zuna, Milan, Yasminka and all the friends. It was wonderful to share all of this with you.


published in SEAD newspaper